What is SEO

Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO for short is all about trying to improve the ranking position of your website in general search results. Getting SEO right for any small business is vastly important and that is where we can help.

The higher your new website appears in any search engine results pages, then the higher the level of potential traffic to your website. Every move up in rankings therefore could also mean an increase in profits for your business..

What we can do for you

Our experts are geared to getting your SME the right rankings and send your website high up the list of rankings. We help to generate more interest in your business and get you the recognition that you deserve. We are fully conversant with all recent updates in SEO and we can advise you on any aspect of the process of becoming SEO ready.

Simple Digital will carry out a full site audit and as part of your SEO campaign with us, we will suggest any improvements we can make to your website. We will recommend a range of amendments that can be made to your site structure that can support the process of search engine optimisation. These meticulous techniques are part of our distinct strategy that has been developed out of years of experience and research in SEO.

Keyword Research
Website Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Backlink Building
Social Media Management

Somerset SEO Services

Simple Digital are extensively experienced in working on campaigns of varying kinds and we can exhibit great results in terms of SEO success stories. Whilst based in Somerset we support Companies all over the United Kingdom.

Get in touch today to talk about the different options that we have for SME search engine optimisation and see what solutions we can provide for you.