The benefits of using Google Adwords

28 September

The benefits of using Google Adwords

Google Adwords is something that confuses many. In basic terms, it is a advertisement service for businesses created by Google (obviously) allowing adverts to be displayed on Google and it’s affiliated network of advertising pages. Adwords gives businesses the opportunity to only pay for their adverts when someone clicks on the image or text link. It’s a fantastic mechanism that benefits all involved with businesses choosing the location of their particular adverts and Google raking in huge amounts of income through a very simple means.

But what are the specific benefits of Google Adwords?

One initial benefit is the measurability of the system. You can literally measure every aspect of your marketing scheme through Adwords, from the amount of clicks you gain overall, where specific adverts perform best geographically, the click through rate and even the cost per click. Through good analysis of these measurements, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of your campaign by specifically targeting what works.

Because you are able to measure so accurately, Google Adwords is a very cost effective mechanism. As you are only paying for an advert when someone clicks on it there is no wastage. You aren’t shelling out a fortune for advertising space and there is minimal risk of money down the drain. Budgets can be set and campaigns can be manipulated so that the cost per click decreases as your traffic numbers rise.

You can target your audience with exacting precision. Through analysis of Adword clicks and traffic data, it is feasible to move your marketing campaigns to optimal website locations thus ensuring you are reaching the prime groups of people or companies. With Adwords, it possible to be very specific when targeting your audience. For example, you can look at the location of where your advert will be best displayed, this is viable geographically even down to the exact cities. Similarly, you can target mobile technologies which is vitally important because of the growth in depth and breadth of search scenarios recorded each year and with the evolution of the products themselves. Google Adwords also allows you to target your audience through the various languages within which it functions – over forty at present. Finally, time targeting of the audience. Adwords is able to be scheduled to reach out at any given time of the day or night and therefore can reach your targets at the specific daylight hours for them.

Transparency. Adwords offers quick, easy to understand and visible results. You can witness for yourself which adverts are providing new or consistent website traffic and each specification is broken down into its own individual statistic such as the cost per click or keyword searches performed by clients.

And who can forget how enormous an organisation Google truly represents. There are millions of hits every day through Google searches and this naturally equates to a viable, profitable traffic if you allow the budget to purchase the adequately placed advertisements through Adwords. Google doesn’t just throw any old adverts your way, their complex and ever evolving algorithms ensure the most relevant search results and adverts pop up in the most suitable and profitable locations. This has a great effect on any business willing to put their money into the apparently low risk Google Adwords.

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